Please Fill this form only if you have A BUSINESS and have a valid TOBACCO LICENSE.


Registration Form

This website is for BUSINESS to BUSINESS only and we required your tobacco license copy in order to activate your account. Please fax it 800.817.4274 or email it to [email protected] If you do not have a business please do not fill the form. You can fill the form below to register.

  • Please Provide Your Business Name. You Must have a Business and Valid Tobacco License Copy.

  • Please Upload your business license copy.

  • Please chose the following method of payment so we can setup your account accordingly . 1. EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) no fee involve We can set up EFT with your bank and will get payment as soon as we process your order. There is no fee for this service. If you want please click and Complete EFT form and fax back to us. 2. Online Transfer. (Your bank may charge you fee) You can send money by online transfer from your bank to our bank. Our bank detail is as follow: Citizens Bank 196 S Wyoming Avenue, Kingston, PA 18704 Routing: 036 076 150 - Account Number: 6231801474 Alhamrah Corporation, 1028 Reeves Street, Unit 5-A, Dunmore, PA.18512 3. By Mail- You can send your payment by mail. You can send certified check by mail at our mailing address and we will ship your order as soon as we received your payment. Mailing address: Alhamrah Corporation, 1028 Reeves Street, Unit 5-A, Dunmore, PA.18512 4. By PayPal Your can also pay your order amount through PayPal either by credit card or through your PayPal account. There is a 2.9% Fees for that service. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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